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We're focused on the connections between research and practice: on making sure that our work helps to clarify practical questions for educators, communities, and policymakers and has an impact on more equitable youth opportunity and engagement. We strive to ensure that our research is timely and relevant to a broad range of audiences, and we work with local and national partners on numerous campaigns and initiatives to strengthen various aspects of youth civic education and engagement. We believe collaboration is necessary for substantive change to occur and that research informed by the experiences and knowledge of youth and practitioners is most practical.

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Updates and Announcements

CIRCLE is Hiring!

We're currently looking for an Impact Manager to lead work on the Independent Voter Registration report and support other research that will strengthen youth civic engagement and promote a more representative electorate.

CIRCLE Growing Voters

On June 14, we'll release a major report and introduce a new framework for how institutions and communities can start preparing young people, before they turn 18, to participate in democracy. We call it CIRCLE Growing Voters.

2022 Election Center

We've launched our 2022 Election Center, where you can find all our research related to young voters and the midterms. It currently features our rankings of the top 10 Senate and Governor races where the youth vote can have an impact.

Latest Research

What are we working on? Check out the most recent CIRCLE data and analysis on civic education, youth voting, how institutions can support more equitable youth engagement, and more.

In the Media

There should be a vibrant, data-informed public conversation about youth civic education and engagement: what's working, what's not, and why it's important. Our research, which appears frequently in major media outlets, helps to drive that conversation.

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