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We constantly strive to learn from others and to make sure our research is informed by the work of practitioners and advocates. We're always happy to speak with community leaders, educators, policymakers, activists, journalists, fellow researchers, and of course young people themselves. We encourage you to get in touch with us if you have questions about our data, requests for assistance, ideas for potential collaborations, invitations to speaking engagements, or if you want to learn more about how you can help improve youth civic engagement. We are especially interested in how individuals and organizations in a wide range of fields are using our work to further equitable opportunity and access, and how we can support those efforts. We do our best to respond to all messages in a timely manner.

General Inquiries:

To get in touch with one of our staff members, find their contact information on the Our Team page.

Media Requests

A robust, fact-driven public conversation about young people's role in democracy is essential. We encourage journalists and media outlets to cite our data and analysis, and CIRCLE experts are available to speak to reporters on background and/or on the record, as well as for live or prerecorded appearances in radio or television. Whether you're looking for specific information, seeking research-informed commentary, or simply trying to better understand youth civic and political engagement, please reach out to us with your questions.

Media Requests: and/or 
Alberto Medina | alberto.medina@tufts.edu617-627-2593