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2024 Youth Electoral Significance Index

Where Will Young Voters Influence 2024 Election Results?

CIRCLE’s Youth Electoral Significance Index (YESI) ranks the states and districts where young people across the political spectrum are most likely to shape Presidential, Senate, and House races in 2024. The index is based on a number of factors including projected competitiveness, voting laws, past youth participation, and various demographic and socioeconomic attributes. But the rankings are not a prediction—they are a sign of potential that will only be realized if campaigns, communities, and organizations invest in engaging all young people.

Top 50 House Races

Young people can have a major influence on elections beyond the top 10 races. Our expanded list of top 50 House districts highlights potential for impact across the country.

Growing Young Voters

Fulfilling young people’s potential for electoral influence requires supporting youth participation and expanding the electorate. Our Growing Voters framework points the way.

CIRCLE Youth Poll Data

Our pre-election survey of young people illuminates major trends about youth views and experiences ahead of 2024—highlighting both challenges and opportunities for engaging them.