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We're focused on the connections between research and practice: on making sure that our work helps to clarify practical questions for educators, communities, and policymakers so it can have an impact on more equitable youth opportunity and engagement.

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Supporting K-12 Leaders

In recent years, we have focused on providing K-12 administrators and education leaders with support and resources to champion civic learning in their schools and ensure teachers can support all students.

In the News: Youth and Taylor Swift

CIRCLE's data and insights helps inform the public conversation about the latest news regarding young voters, including the potential impact on Taylor Swift on the 2024 presidential election.

Digital Equity + Civic Infrastructure

CIRCLE is excited to take part in the Digital Equity & Opportunity Initiative, an effort to improve broadband expansion and civic infrastructure that supports youth in the rural South.

Latest Research

What are we working on? Check out the most recent CIRCLE data and analysis on civic education, youth voting, how institutions can support more equitable youth engagement, and more.

Facilitative Election Laws

Practices like automatic and online voter registration, as well as pre-registration for young people before they turn 18, can improve youth voter participation.

In the Media

There should be a vibrant, data-informed public conversation about youth civic education and engagement: what's working, what's not, and why it's important. Our research, which appears frequently in major media outlets, helps to drive that conversation.

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