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Sarah Andes

Research & Impact Fellow

Sarah Andes

Research & Impact Fellow
Sarah Andes

Sarah is a Research & Impact Fellow at CIRCLE, helping connect CIRCLE’s research with communities in order to build and diversify youth engagement in elections. She supports the Teaching for Democracy Alliance, a CIRCLE-coordinated collaboration of national organizations committed to providing K-12 educators and administrators with the encouragement, training, and resources to teach young people about elections and voting. She also oversees a project on youth media creation and youth in media representation, as well as contributes to CIRCLE’s broader research and communication efforts. Learn more

B.A. — Plan II and Geography, University of Texas
Professional Experience
Generation Citizen (GC), where she launched GC’s programs in New York City and eventually, as Senior Director of Programming on executive team, helped grow GC into the country’s largest Action Civics organization and directed program strategy, execution, innovation, and evaluation across its six sites and through national partnerships
Williams-Sullivan High School, teaching algebra at a high school in rural Mississippi

Sarah is interested in how we design and build physical, social, and cultural environments—on the scale of a classroom, an organization, or a community—that promote civic engagement. She is particularly interested in envisioning the future of civics education in K-12 public schools and the impact a transformation in civic learning could have on promoting a more diverse, more inclusive, and more just democracy.