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2024 Youth Poll

CIRCLE's pre-2024 election survey of young people has key findings and insights to inform youth engagement efforts.

Youth Are Likely to Vote and Focused On Key Issues

CIRCLE's early poll of youth (ages 18-34) ahead of the 2024 presidential election highlights major trends in young people's political views and participation and includes data by race, education, and the urban/rural divide.

Growing Voters

Something big needs to change in how we prepare youth to vote, expand the electorate, and create a more equitable and representative democracy.

A New Paradigm to Expand the Electorate

CIRCLE Growing Voters is a new report and framework that challenges institutions and communities to take an active role in equitably preparing the next generation of voters to participate in democracy. Join us on June 14 as we release a major report and launch this initiative.

Election Impact

CIRCLE's Youth Electoral Significance Index ranks the races where youth have the highest potential to influence 2024 elections.

The Power and Impact of Young People

Coming off two election cycles with historic increases in youth voter turnout, young people are once again poised to play a major role in the 2022 midterms. Find all our data on young people's electoral participation, vote choice, key issues among diverse groups of youth who are reshaping our democracy.

K-12 Civics

CIRCLE Director Kei Kawashima-Ginsberg served as principal investigator of this effort to transform civic education in America.

Educating for American Democracy

Preparing all young people to be engaged and effective participants in their communities and in democracy requires more than just reinvesting in civic education: it requires reshaping it to meet the needs of a diverse 21st century student body.

Youth + Media

Explore CIRCLE research on how different types of media ecosystems intersect with youth voter turnout.

Six Profiles of Media Ecosystems

News outlets, local nonprofits, digital access, and more form a community's media ecosystem. A strong one can give youth access to the information and support they need to vote and engage in civic life. A weak media ecosystem may leave youth without the knowledge and tools they need and lead to lower turnout.

Broadband for Equitable Democracy

CIRCLE's new research brief, supported by the Media Democracy Fund's Digital Equity & Opportunity Initiative, outlines how to ensure that broadband expansion creates pathways for civic participation.

Young Voters in 2024

CIRCLE's 2024 Election page compiles all our research on young voters and the upcoming election, including data on youth subgroups, unique insights from our polling and rankings of where youth can have the biggest impact across the country.

CIRCLE and Civic Learning in Illinois

CIRCLE's longstanding work and research-practice partnership to improve civic education in Illinois highlights our approach to collaboration for impact that we could not achieve alone.

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