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CIRCLE's bottom line is impact: we judge our work by its ability to effect change, and we direct our resources toward advancing research and supporting the youth civic engagement field in pursuit of that goal.

Because, unlike many other research centers at academic institutions, CIRCLE is funded almost entirely by philanthropy—mostly in the form of grants—we're able to remain independent and to conduct the work that we believe has the highest potential to advance greater and more equitable youth civic education and engagement.

It also means we rely on the generosity of individual and institutional donors in order to conduct innovative research, expand our partnerships, and increase our impact.

How to Give

CIRCLE is part of the Jonathan M. Tisch College of Civic Life at Tufts University. When you give to Tisch College, you can select CIRCLE as your gift designation. Click below for the donation page with CIRCLE pre-selected. We appreciate your support!

CIRCLE in Action

Learn more about our latest research and ongoing projects.

Our Impact

We pride ourselves on impact. See how we've influenced policy and practice.

Contact Us

Want to discuss a potential contribution? We're happy to discuss our work further.

At a time when many are rightfully worried about the state of American democracy and how our society prepares young people for civic life, we believe our work is more crucial than ever. We hope you'll consider supporting CIRCLE so that we may continue and expand our efforts in the years to come.