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2020 Election

We're sharing comprehensive data and analyses on young people's participation and influence on the 2020 election.

Youth Voting in 2020

Election Day marks the end of an unprecedented election cycle in which young people coped with a pandemic, took to the streets, and cast early ballots in record numbers. As the votes are counted, we're providing data and insights on youth engagement and impact at every level in the 2020 election.

2020 Youth Poll

Our post-election survey of young people highlights their electoral engagement in 2020 and their issue priorities for the new administration.

Poll: Youth Poised to Keep Engaging

Young Americans hit the streets, talked politics, engaged their peers, and had a likely historic level of voter turnout in 2020. Our exclusive post-election youth poll looks back on their political participation in 2020 and highlights the issues that motivate them to continued engagement in civic life.

Youth Impact

CIRCLE's exclusive rankings of where youth may swing elections can help inform strategies, investment, and outreach.

2020 Youth Electoral Significance Index

Young people can be a powerful force at the ballot box. Our Youth Electoral Significance Index (YESI) ranks the top 10 states and districts where the youth vote has the highest potential to swing the presidential, Senate, and House elections this November.

Our Statement

In this challenging time for our nation, we're reflecting on how our work can address this crisis of democracy.

CIRCLE Statement on the Capitol Insurrection

CIRCLE strongly condemns Wednesday’s violent assault on our nation’s Capitol. These events reaffirm our long-term commitment to the systemic changes in civic education and civic life that will ensure we have more diverse, inclusive communities, and a stronger, more equitable democracy

Youth Data Tool

CIRCLE's exclusive online tool includes more than 40 indicators at the national, state, district, and county levels.

Youth Voting and Civic Engagement in America

To what extent are young people across the country participating in civic and political life, and what are the community conditions that help, hinder, and shape that engagement? Our comprehensive data tool allows you to better understand the landscape of youth civic engagement so you can help improve it.

Latest Research

CIRCLE in the News

Young people found more ways to engage in politics in 2020

The Fulcrum
New data released Tuesday by Tufts University's Center for Information & Research on Civic Learning and Engagement found that nearly three times as many people ages 18 to 24 said in late 2020 that they have donated to a political campaign or registered others to vote, as compared to 2018.

Joe Biden, 78, will lead an American gerontocracy
Young people, particularly voters of color, were "crucial to Biden winning Arizona, Georgia, Michigan and Pennsylvania, according to Tufts University’s Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement."

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